Humanitarian Wave is working with various communities in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico.  The projects developed are in the area of education, economic self-reliance and sustainable agriculture.  One of the main goals for these projects is to provide the communities with tools that will better help them use their resources to improve their economy and the quality of their lives.

Recent Projects

The Azulita Project is a grassroots initiative that has been in existence since 2008 in the communities of Los Llanos and Playa La Saladita in the Municipality of La Union, Guerrero Mexico. In small communities along the western coast of Mexico most of the 2nd and 3rd post consumer plastic is burned, littered, or thrown in unmanaged open-air dumps that often feed into river and ocean systems. Plastic significantly contaminates aquatic ecosystems, affecting such species as sea turtles, whales, coastal and pelagic fisheries. Plastic litter found on local beaches and surf breaks also negatively impacts tourism and, ultimately, the local economy. The Azulita Project has been working in the community to educate locals about the detrimental human and environmental effects of post-consumer plastic. Community members are expanding its existing recycling program by raising funds to purchase a plastic compressor that will help create a self-supporting local enterprise and promote far-reaching environmental and social impacts in the region. This project will help protect the environment, generate employment, and over 150 children will benefit through revenue generated to support sports program and environmental education.  This project is being created and funded by friends of the Azulita Project.​

Azulita - Community Recycling plant 

Troncones School Transportation Project- Ola Humanitaria

Marindia Norte Project

Marindia del Norte is an impoverished community outside of the capital Montevideo.  In Marindia we are working with local community leaders to help improve the conditions of a local youth center that consists of a small room that provides food, help with school, and has become a safe heaven for the children of this community.  This center has a very strong support of local volunteers, but they and the community lack the funding to improve the conditions of the center.  Humanitarian Wave funded a new room with restrooms, tables, school supplies, books, sports equipments, food, and clothing for the children.  HW with local community leaders is working on future projects that will generate income to sustain the youth center and that at the same time will provide education and job training for young adults. 

Uruguay - Youth shelter

Education in Mexico is free, but parents can’t afford transportation cost.  This program subsidizes the transportation cost for curently 15 high school students in the town of Troncones. The students participating in this project have been chosen by community members and were selected based on their families financial needs.  We want to thank all the donors who for the last couple of years have contributed to make this project possible. 

We need your urgent support on this project to continue supporting these young students education in 2014. Curenlty there are 40 students in need and we hope with your help we can subsidize the transporattion cost for all of them.