Organization Profile

Humanitarian Wave

Founded: 2006

Areas of expertise: 

  • Bringing communities together under a common purpose to strengthen viable community initiatives that spread a culture of social engagement and promote positive change.
  • Finding community leaders working to improve the communities they live in and helping bring financial resources to sustain and grow their projects and tap into a specific network of individuals who want to connect to a cause.

Economic Self Reliance
We support and develop programs that create opportunities by providing tools important for economic growth.  Economic self-reliance program and projects provide basic but essential tools for work that otherwise people cannot afford nor have access to, and that will create life changing opportunities.


The goal is to provide educational tools necessary to promote and attain education for children and adults in need through building schools, providing school supplies, sports equipment, music programs, literacy programs and other tools essential for educational advancement.


Humanitarian Wave’s health programs target the diverse areas that affect the health of people in need through prevention and educational programs as well as sports programs, basic medical provisions and other preventive resources that otherwise people in need have no access to.

Environmental Sustainability

Humanitarian Wave works to create growing awareness and increase understanding as well as encourage the development and improvement of environmentally sustainable methods.  As part of this program Humanitarian Wave will work to develop programs with local nonprofit organizations that promote and educate people on environmentally safe techniques to improve water supply and sanitation, agricultural techniques for sustainable food production, and programs that increase economic productivity and prosperity while protecting natural resources. 

What we focus on