Humanitarian Wave helps facilitate the process of social engagement for the business sector’s philanthropic interests by providing the expertise and advice in the design and management of successful community outreach initiatives and projects.  We help businesses develop long-term strategies to help create change in the communities where they do business.

Other Projects 

Humanitarian Wave’s health programs target the diverse areas that affect the health of people in need through prevention and educational programs as well as sports programs, basic medical provisions and other preventive resources to which people in need have no access.

This is an ongoing project since our inception  that has annually provided food, clothing, and basic medical supplies to over 115 children suffering from major disabilities.  Most of the children at this hospital are confined or tied to their beds and have been abandoned by their families due to their physical deformations and mental challenges.

Croatia- Children's Hospital for the Physically and Mentally Challenged 

US- San Diego Holiday Project

We joined forces with community members 2011-12' holiday season to help a local Community Center .  The center provides short-term food assistance to 300 struggling households.

Humanitarian Wave donated 100 Christmas gifts for children to the center and provided fifty $10 food coupons by Jennie-O.  Humanitarian Wave together with ROC Industries also helped bring Christmas to children of St. Clare’s Home, a shelter for homeless and battered woman and children. ​​

Bosnia and Hercegovina-Tuzla Orphanage Project

Humanitarian Wave provided much needed  food, clothing, basic medical necessities and school supplies for the approximately 140 children living in the orphanage. When asked about their situation, the children said their main concerns are the lack of a better future and the indifference of others toward their situation. 

Humanitarian Wave is working to help ensure the well being of the children in addition to working on developing programs to assist the young adults at the orphanage secure a better future once they have to leave the orphanage.

La Majahua is an impoverished fishing community comprised of 45 families living in the  outskirts of Troncones, a small resort community catering to foreign tourists on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Guerrero. Humanitarian Wave is working with community members developing projects to educate the community on ways to improve the quality of life in La Majahua.  Priorities are to improve the children’s education and to provide the tools that will assist the adults bring economic stability and prosperity into their families and communities.

  • Humanitarian Wave funded the construction of a school library, provided computers, new spanish books and other necessary materials for the use of the library
  • Provided funding for a school teacher, school supplies and sports equipment for the community school
  • Helped start a new restaurant providing income to a family of ten people 
  • Purchased a fishing boat for the local fishermen co-op that is providing work and income to local families.  
  • Helped the community join a regional Organic Agriculture Cooperative of Farmers as well as help start a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) Program.   ​​​

La Majahua, Mexico