We are excited to announce the launch of our new sister charity called “Ola Humanitaria” in Troncones, Mexico.  Ola Humanitaria is a non-profit association working together with Humanitarian Wave to provide opportunities that produce a lasting positive effect in the quality of life of local communities, incorporating their cultural heritage, and their active participation in programs, project design and leadership.  

Ola Humanitaria was born out of the initiative of Americans as well as local Mexican community members interested in helping improve the quality of life of people in this region of Mexico.  With this joint venture we will have a greater impact in making a sustainable difference in these communities.

Ola Humanitaria’s goal is to have community members participate in creating, supporting and running successful community projects in the following areas:

  • Education:  This program goal is to provide educational tools necessary to promote and attain education for children and adults in need.  
  • Environmental Sustainability:  As part of this program, Humanitarian Wave and Ola Humanitaria will work to develop projects that promote and educate people on environmental sustainability and programs that increase economic productivity and prosperity while protecting natural resources.
  • Economic Self-reliance:  This program creates and develops opportunities by providing tools important for economic growth.  It provides essential tools, and helps teach skills that otherwise people cannot afford nor have access to and that will create life-changing opportunities.

'Ola Humanitaria'-  Our sister Charity

Recently, members of the Troncones men’s and women’s soccer teams presented a project to improve  the soccer field and field facilities in Troncones, Mexico.  The Troncones’ soccer field is the daily training site for the children's division, the women's division, sub 17 division and male division.  Every week teams from various rural areas of the Coast of Guerrero come to Troncones to play.  The sport of soccer in Troncones is bringing together over 70 players every week plus visitors that come to support the teams.  Moreover the games are something the general community enjoys and supports.  Coaching and training is open to the public and many people join the training sessions as a way to help improve their health and quality of life. Ola Humanitaria will help build tiered seating, shade and rain protection for the public.  Fencing the perimeter of the field to prevent balls leaving the playing area to the neighboring properties and restrooms/dressing rooms for players.  This project is initiated and led by theTroncones, Mexico community.

Ola Humanitaria Projec​ts

Troncones School Transportation Project

Community Soccer Field

Education in Mexico is free, but parents can’t afford transportation cost.  This program subsidizes the transportation cost for curently 15 high school students in the town of Troncones. The students participating in this project have been chosen by community members and were selected based on their families financial needs.  We want to thank all the donors who for the last couple of years have contributed to make this project possible. 

We need your urgent support on this project to continue supporting these young students education in 2014. Curenlty there are 40 students in need and we hope with your help we can subsidize the transporattion cost for all of them.