In a small village in Mexico where the beach is central to a village way of life, very smart girls go to school. They have big dreams and they make very good grades. Their parents are the backbone of this wonderful way of life. There is so much love within the beauty of large families and their neighbors of hard working families. What there is not is enough money to go past what in the United States would be known as Junior High School.  In Mexico high school is "free”, but in Troncones, Mexico you first have to get there.

Since the launch of this program in 2012 we learned that a stronger family support would offer an added chance of long term educational success. And we decided to support slightly older girls with a year of proven grades in high school and strong family support. Our scholars were selected based on them their grades, poor economic situations and, different this year, exceptionally strong families. 

We are excited to announce and welcome our new 2014/2015 scholars Melani Antonio Pino and Gabriela Livier Perez Izazaga (Gaby).

Melani Antonio Pino family owns a small restaurant that a lot of you know in our village, Orbe's. She, her mom and dad, Orbe, and little brother, Junior, all work there. When not working and doing homework, she pays volleyball, helps her mom clean house and volunteers for a church program that helps young people stay off drugs. She is studying to be a Psychologist and maintains and 8.7 grade average. 

Gabriela Livier Perez Izazaga mom owns a taco restaurant and her father helps to run several of the houses on our beach. She is 15 years old and helps her mother both at home and in the restaurants. She loves to play soccer, and studies English and music. She does A LOT of homework because her grade average is 9.3. She is studying to be an Accountant.

With your help these girls can realize their dreams and change the world. That next step is high school and there is not one in Troncones. The cost for a year of school for a student is about $1800.00 USD. That includes uniforms, books, school lunches and bus transportation for the 10 month school year. They are required to be at school at 7:00 a.m. and are excited about the possibility of rising at 5:00 a.m. in order to get ready, ride the local "combi" to catch the bus on the main highway and get to school on time!

These girls can change their worlds, thereby changing ours. Please help them on the next step of their journey. Designate Friends of Sirena on your donation to Humanitarian Wave. Your contribution will go directly to the girl's education. In the USA your donations are tax deductible. 

                                                                 “ A girl can change the world"

Friends of Sirena Scholarship