Puerto Rico experienced one of the most powerful storms to occur in recorded history.  Hurricane Maria left the entire Island without power, communication, food, water and limited access to neighboring communities. Families are walking miles to check on loved ones. And loved ones outside the island are desperate to hear any news from family and friends who endured Hurricane Maria. Our team at Humanitarian Wave understands how difficult this has been because Puerto Rico is our home.

We know the people of Puerto Rico will endure, and begin to slowly rebuild and recover.  It is the long-term goal we have in mind at Humanitarian Wave. We want to ensure that all areas of Puerto Rico come out stronger and can look at this devastation as a marker of a new beginning.

Our team will be on the ground in the coming days and will start working with local communities to identify the ongoing needs of effected individuals. We will support efforts on the ground and provide assistance as those effected start to recover, but we can’t do this without your help.

We are a volunteer-based organization and 100% of all donations for “PR Maria” will go directly to those in need in Puerto Rico.  Besides donating, one other important thing YOU can do is book your next vacation to Puerto Rico. You will help boost the local economy and help the people of Puerto Rico rebuild their lives. You will love this special island and its people. 

Governor Rosello offered words of hope, "There is no Hurricane stronger than the people of Puerto Rico. And immediately after this is done, we will stand back up." Please help these beautiful, resilient island people stand back up again.

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook @HumanitarianWave for updates on our relief efforts. Please tag us in photos of relief efforts and pics of the people of Puerto Rico supporting one another as one.

What we do

 Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Humanitarian Wave creates and implements  lasting solutions that improve the quality of life of individuals and communities in need. We develop programs that contribute to economic self-relainace, education and health while integrating and cultivating environmentally sustainable methods. Humanitarian Wave provides tools, teaches skills, creates and opens opportunities in a away that enable individuals and communities who lack the resources to further their quality of life.

Humanitarian Wave is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization committed to helping children and adults living in poverty, suffering from disease, abuse and neglect. Our primary goal is to create and provide opportunities that produce a lasting positive effect in the quality of life of people and communities in need. By helping people in need through works of love and compassion, Humanitarian Wave embraces a movement toward advancing the well being of humanity as a whole.

Our Mission

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief "PR Maria"